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In the constantly evolving world of plastic surgery and medical evolutions, there are many options available for people demanding to cut down fat and redefine their body shape. A similar kind of treatment is Emsculpt that has gained huge popularity across the world. Even with the availability of many other body contouring treatments for reducing body fat, all those never focus on muscles lying beneath the fat. Emsculpt helps people who want to have defined abs and butts. Its unique capacity is to eliminate fat accumulation and developing muscle mass in those regions. Because of these muscle toning, fat burning, non-surgical and no downtime features, it has created a positive wave throughout the world. If you are searching for emsculpt treatment in Chester, MD, US your best option is Bella Rose Medical Aesthetics.

How it Works:

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to strengthen gluteal and abdominal muscles. It brings supramaximal contractions, that are not possible to be gained via regular exercise. These contractions power the muscle tissues to adjust to such extreme settings triggering a deep remodeling of the inner structure. This causes the development of myofibrils (muscle hypertrophy) and the growth of new protein strands and muscle fibers. This causes enhanced muscle density and volume by burning of fat.

Benefits of Emsculpt:

Non-invasive method:

As this procedure requires no surgeries, it does not demand the use of anesthesia and any other incisions. A panel is placed over the abdomen with most of the cases having patients still dressed. This panel induces HIFEM technology to the body by effortlessly penetrating beneath the skin up to a depth of 7 centimeters. This treatment is majorly used to provide a shape to the abdomen, thighs, butt of the enthusiasts as it has no recovery time involved. You won’t have to worry about any scars as it hits the target muscles without any effect on the skin.

Quick procedure:

If you have an already defined body but need to give a sublime touch to your abs, then sculpt can make this happen within no time. One sitting takes around 30 minutes with 2-3 days of spacing between them. This is not the case with other body contouring treatments that take a minimum of one hour per session. This is the reason for the popularity of emsculpt treatment among fitness models and celebrities.

Enhances Metabolism:

Emsculpt causes a complete restructuring of the body in the intended area that will also increase the metabolism. It will not just help to develop defined muscle structure but many studies have shown that individuals who have taken the emsculpt treatment have a significant increase in fat metabolism.

Relief during injury recovery:

This treatment can be used along with other physical therapy to help in speeding up the recovery process. As it will strengthen the muscle tissue, it will help in healing muscle injuries. It is also used in helping patients in developing fitness routines after recovering from injuries.

No recovery time:

As the quick procedure is completed, you can return to your normal routine immediately. You will have the feel of finishing a great workout at the gym with no issues of any adverse effects.

Overall body strengthening:

As it is mainly used to strengthen the core, it will help to build a proportionate body structure. As you develop a solid muscle tone, there is no risk of bone loss and fewer chances of injury.

FDA certified: 

This treatment is FDA approved especially for abdominal and butt regions as it is proved to be secured and effective. It is used across the globe for similar purposes for its optimal secure treatment and results. 

Long-lasting results:

You are bound to get splendid results from the emsculpt procedures. The muscles will be more defined after the fat loss. If you stick to a healthy diet and regular workout routine, you will be bound to maintain this physique for a longer time.

How Many Emsculpt Sessions Do You Need?

It is proven that one sitting of 30 minutes is equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats. During a workout, you will have muscle soreness for 2-4 days. A general recommendation is of 4 sessions spaced over 2 weeks. Results are visible within 2-4 weeks and this continues to increase for over 6 months. It relies on the number of target areas in the body.

Who has the best advantage of Emsculpt?

  • Emsculpt is used by all types of individuals, but it is more useful for those who are already having a decent shape and desire to get more defined muscles.
  • It is also used by women post-pregnancy to have reduced fat in the abdominal region. You cannot eliminate the abdominal fat for such people but surely provide decent results. People with a large number of body fats are advised to cut down weight via exercise or weight loss surgery.
  • Fat cells that are destroyed with this treatment will never come back but may lead to new fat cell development naturally with a sedentary lifestyle. Even the muscle mass is not permanent and it requires to stick to a healthy diet and strict workout regimen.
  • Regular emsculpt treatments can help to maintain the muscle tone that was gained from the first series of treatments.
  • If you do not follow a healthy diet and a strict workout regimen, then there are also cases of fat development in untreated areas. It causes disproportional structure development.


There are many non-surgical treatments available to increase your physique without having surgical treatments. Emsculpt is the best way to get a solid physique without any adverse effects and bring the body to the best shape. If you are looking for emsculpt treatment in Chester, MD, the US for having a fat reduction in specific areas, then contact Bella Rose Medical Aesthetics. We have the accurate, proven procedures and treatments in Emsculpt and our experienced team has set the best standards in body enhancements for exceeding our patient’s expectations.