BTL Saved my life

I am a 54 year old female who has suffered with stress incontinence since after my son was born, in my 20s. It got worse with age and was horribly embarrassing. I couldn't sneeze, run, jump or even sometimes walk without peeing. I noticed a huge improvement after the first treatment and after the second I had no more accidents and was able to actually able to stop during urination midstream (something I haven't been able to do in years). I am happy beyond believe. I am me again. Thank you Bella Rose and BTL for giving me back my self confidence. ~Happy Mom

Beyond thrilled with my lips

I have had what appeared to be smokers lines around my mouth since I was in my mid 40s. Having never been a smoker, I hated them. Thank you Stephanie and the Bella Rose staff for explaining to me the procedure and then filling those lines with filler. I was very comfortable and I am happy with the natural looking results. Sincerely, Helen

No more belly

I am a 62 year old tall, thing woman. However, since menopause I have struggled with belly fat. I hated my tummy but after only 4 Exilis treatments I am able to wear a bikini again! Wow, I have curves I hadn't seen in years. Thank you Ann and Arlette. You changed my life. Yours truly, Jennifer